Water Purification and Liquid Separation

Packed Bed Demineralizer 900 gpm
LP Water Systems Inc. designs and manufactures ion exchange and membrane systems for use in water purification and specialty nonaqueous applications. LP Water Systems is a Canadian corporation originally founded in 1994 to manufacture engineered systems for water purification and other specialty liquid separation applications. Our customer base includes the power generation, chemical processing, automotive industries and other manufacturing clients. Since our founding, our goal has been to maintain a high level of quality in the systems we provide and in our service to our customers. We owe our success to our most important asset, our employees.

Our engineering staff and project management team applies their expertise in ion exchange and membrane technology to design and build a system to suit your exact requirements. We provide quality technical assistance and guidance to see each project through to a successful startup and continue to assist our customers with after sales service.

Skilled field service personnel are as important as supplying the customer with high quality equipment. We believe that proper startup
Mixed Bed Demineralizer
and operator training are mandatory for good long-term operation. If equipment operates to its design criteria, customers are happy and it is our goal to satisfy our customers. We have an ongoing program of monitoring the equipment we manufacture for life cycle costs, mean time between failure and mean time to repair. Periodic field service visits after startup with field reports document these items and are provided to our customers through the warranty period. We also offer a 24-7 "hotline" for customers with problems or concerns.

LP Water Systems aggressively maintains a quality system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 for the design and manufacture of water and non aqueous purification equipment.
LP Water Systems News Headlines

October 2006 - Full Story

LP Water has been awarded its third order for river water filters from Arkema Group in Calvert City, KY.

August 2006 - Full Story
WE ENERGIES, Milwaukee, Wisconsin selected LP Water to design and build a new water treatment system.

May 2006 - Full Story
Georgia Pacific, Pennington Alabama have awarded a contract to LP Water to continue the upgrading of the water treatment system.

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