Water Purification and Specialty Liquid Separation System Products

LP Water Systems Inc. custom manufactures water purification and specialty liquid separation systems.

Our current product line includes,

Fully skid mounted, PLC controlled DI systems with appropriate instrumentation for flows from 10 through 2000 gpm.

Conventional demineralizers in 2, 3, or 4 bed design.

Mixed beds and condensate polishers.

LiquiPack packed bed demineralizers for improved water quality and operating cost savings.

Reverse Osmosis Equipment
Fully skid mounted, PLC controlled RO Systems with appropriate instrumentation for flows from 10 through
2000 gpm.

Custom designed single and double pass reverse osmosis equipment to minimize chemical usage and handling.

Pretreatment Equipment
Multimedia filters for suspended solids removal
Carbon filters for organics and dechlorination
Greensand filters for iron removal
Softeners for hardness removal
Chemical addition systems

Nanofilters & Ultrafilters
Lower pressure membrane process for water, wastewater or specialty concentrations and separations.

Paint Ultrafilters
Electrocoat paint ultrafilters manufactured to your or an OEM's specification.

Specialty Demineralizers
Designed to remove contaminants from non-aqueous liquids, often at elevated temperatures.

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LiquiPack Demineralizer
LiquiPack Demineralizer

Mixed Bed Demineralizer
Regeneration Skid

Reverse Osmosis
Reverse Osmosis

Pretreatment Systems
River Water Filters

E-Coat Ultrafilter

Control Center
Specialty Process Demineralizer

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